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One of the biggest challenges for training institutions and corporate training departments is offering personalized service to students or trainees to support their progress, while also tracking plans, courses, and assessments. Pivotal CRM for Education is a skills development, training, and course management solution built on the Pivotal CRM 6 platform. It offers you powerful out-of-the-box features for education and the ability to further tailor the solution to mirror your specific training or course management processes.

Whether you are a professional development organization, corporate human resources group or a national-level training agency, Pivotal CRM for Education gives you a powerful system for managing your process.

Key Features

  • Unit Standard Framework
  • Qualification Set-up with Defined Achievement Criteria
  • Training Program/Pathway Definitions
  • On-Job (workplace) and Off-Job (course or correspondence) Assessment Management
  • Progress Management
  • Assessment Management
  • Course Scheduling, Planning and Automated Trainee Allocation
  • Government Funding Agency KPI and Data Exchange Reporting
  • Business Development and Account Management
  • Stakeholder Management


What can Pivotal CRM for Education do for you;

Accelerate Time to Market

Leverage effective segmentation, optimized sales teams, and high-impact marketing campaigns to bring your courses and training programs to market sooner—and smarter.

Improve Completion Rates

Automate progress and learning calculations with exception alerts. These alerts trigger a personalized engagement with each student – encouraging further achievement or identifying where progress has stopped, while promoting achievement through regular, automated communication.

Increase Re-Enrollment

Gain visibility into profitability and cross-sell/up-sell opportunities, based on course road maps or learning pathways, to encourage re-enrollment and/or ongoing skill development.

Financial Services

Trust is the foundation of successful long-term relationships and in financial services, trust is earned by delivering value and highly-personalized service. Today, that means you need the support of a customer relationship management solution.

At Pivotal, we know that no two businesses within your industry are the same. The CRM requirements of commercial or retail banks are vastly different from those of high-stakes asset management or mutual fund wholesaling. For this reason, our approach to developing tools for you is to give you a CRM solution built for the way you work and give you the flexibility to make it a perfect custom fit.


As a healthcare payer, you are probably facing pressure to deliver new value by lowering medical costs, decreasing administrative waste, and improving the medical outcomes of your members. But, if you’re like most payers, inefficient, paper-based processes are still weighing on your ability to increase member service.

Pivotal CRM for Healthcare Insurance is an industry-tailored CRM solution designed to improve the overall effectiveness of your entire front-office operation. It enables you to link six key functional areas—lead management, new business quoting, renewal processing, rating/underwriting, online enrollment, and back-office integration—into a consolidated and customer-focused operation to boost overall productivity, make your organization easier to do business with, and enable strategic decision-making.

Key Features:

  • 360 Degree Member View
  • Automated Processes
  • Broker Management Tools
  • Renewal Processing
  • New Business Quoting
  • Lead Management
  • Rating/Underwriting
  • Online Enrollment
  • Back Office Integration


What can Pivotal CRM for Healthcare Insurance do for you

Reduce Paper Touches

Automate the handoff between departments and third parties to streamline sales and renewals.

Consolidate Member Data

Gather disparate sources of member data in a single repository for more efficient member service.

Grow Membership

Deliver more proactive and personalized service to members to retain those you have and attract new members.

Improve Broker Loyalty

Make your organization easier to do business with. Let brokers focus on selling with less administrative work.

Manage Renewals for Profitability

Know when renewals are approaching. Proactively reach out to secure renewals and reduce member churn.

Automate Underwriting

Remove this time-consuming, error-prone process from your member sales and renewal cycle.

Real Estate

As organizations in the Home Building & Real Estate industry look to sustain growth, many are realizing that their customers are their most valuable assets. To support new customer-driven business strategies, these companies are turning to Pivotal CRM to become more competitive in selling, marketing, and providing service to their customers.

Pivotal CRM for Home Building & Real Estate offers comprehensive, integrated, industry-specific capabilities that increase insight into operational performance, streamline processes across the value chain, and improve responsiveness to your customers’ demands. Whether you’re in the business of financing, building, selling, servicing, or managing homes or property, Pivotal provides the systems and infrastructure you need to reduce costs, shorten sales cycles, and increase productivity, while helping create customers for life.

Key Features

  • Automated Marketing
  • Lead Capture and Profiling
  • Lead Qualification and Distribution
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Literature Fulfillment
  • Marketing ROI Tracking
  • Productivity Tools
  • Structured Sales Methodology
  • Territory Management
  • Quote and Contract Management
  • Service and Warranty Tracking
  • Service-Request Analysis
  • Service-Request and Work-Order Management
  • Home Inspection Management
  • Event Management
  • Contact Management
  • Company Management
  • Activity Management
  • Sales Management
  • Product Administration
  • Options Management
  • Financial Calculator
  • Warranty Service
  • Homebuyer Surveying
  • Risk Management
  • Handheld CRM


What can Pivotal CRM for Home Building & Real Estate do for you

Leverage Low-Cost Online Channels

Capitalize on the more than 70% of homebuyers using the web to search for homes by effectively attracting and capturing online leads.

Improve Lead Volume & Quality

Attract higher-volume, better-quality leads with fewer marketing resources using personalized, multi-wave e-marketing campaigns, online event management, and automated literature fulfillment.

Accelerate Follow-Up

Ensure every lead is immediately delivered to the right agent or channel and consistently followed up on by automating marketing and lead management.

Speed Up Sales

Shorten the sales cycle and lower cost of sales by focusing sales efforts on prospects who are ready to buy.

Automate Sales Processes

Streamline the sales process and reduce administrative time with automated prospecting, configuration, quoting, financing, and contract management.

Boost Referrals

Increase repeat sales and customer referrals by improving customer communications and implementing "tell a friend" programs.

Improve Customer Care

Increase customer satisfaction by delivering exceptional post-sales customer care with efficient tools that lower service costs.


Today's leading manufacturers are making the transition to a demand-driven business model by integrating sales, marketing, and service processes to become more customer-centric. Pivotal CRM for Manufacturing is an industry-specific solution that meets your complex needs and helps you to integrate and manage your entire business while increasing your competitive advantage.

With the ability to capture, analyze, and act on customer intelligence, you can aggregate and review information across the business, gathering insight to guide effective decision-making and more easily adapt to your changing market.

Key Features

  • Relationship Management
  • Customer Analytics
  • Role-Based Dashboards
  • Product Innovation
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer Communication
  • Product Tracking
  • Territory Management
  • Quote and Contract Management
  • Partner Management
  • Customer-Service Tracking and Management
  • Relationship Trees
  • Discount Management
  • Order Capture
  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • Handheld CRM


What Pivotal CRM for Manufacturing do for you

Maximize Sales Force Effectiveness

Win more business with enhanced account and role-based assignments. Spend less time on time-consuming manual processes and lighten the administrative load for sales people.

Shorten the Sales Cycle

Tap into the most influential contacts in each organization using power-based selling tools and follow up with them at the right time.

Increase Win Rates

Gain market share by encouraging sales reps to leverage their social networks and enable them to easily track online networking activities.

Reduce Administrative Overhead

Spend less time on paperwork and more time face-to-face with customers thanks to improved information organization and access.

Capture More Revenue

Protect margins and maximize revenue-generating opportunities with accurate quote and order creation, discount management, and contract and volume commitment tracking.

Turn Cost Centers into Revenue Centers

Generate additional revenues from customer relationships with closed-loop processes that support and extend valued services to customers.

Municipal Government

As a municipal government organization, you are under extraordinary pressure to create services that deliver new value with lighter tax loads, less administrative waste, professional accountability, and better community services.

The Pivotal CRM for Municipal Government provides a rich array of functions that can be customized to optimize your best practices for citizen relations. It has been designed specifically to manage requests and complaints from citizens and emergency services. This allows you to create lasting, beneficial relationships – one citizen at a time.

Give your citizens a one-stop service to check city library hours, complain about a neighbor's barking dog, report an abandoned car, or send positive feedback to the parks department for a job well done. With Pivotal, call center agents can get a better overview on citizens and access knowledge databases, enabling them to respond immediately to requests or create a new request and track it through to resolution.

Key Features

  • 360-Degree Citizen Profiler
  • Supports Single Municipality Phone Number or 311 Service
  • Central Integrated Database
  • Tailored Information Portal
  • Pre-Defined Scripts
  • Template Manager
  • Work-Order Management
  • Accessible Using a BlackBerry Wireless Handheld device
  • Reporting
  • ESRI Geomatics Database Integration
  • Real-Time Agent Location (field agents)
  • Intelligent Internet Architecture


What can the Pivotal CRM for Municipal Government  do for your municipality

Obtain a Single View of All Citizens

The solution provides a portal designed specifically for municipal contact centers, giving agents single-click access to all municipal information on a single screen. This helps improve first-response times and boosts productivity by reducing duplicate data entry, duplication of work and information, paperwork and storage requirements, and the resources needed to resolve a request. The portal also allows you to monitor all logged requests.

Manage Relations with One Central Database

The solution offers a single database that merges information about citizens, partners, suppliers, employees, and elected officials. You can quickly access the history of citizen–department interactions to understand past communications and provide better service.

Ensure Focused & Consistent Request Processing

Improve productivity by using a list of tasks specific to submitted request types. Templates allow agents to use pre-defined scripts, so service remains consistent throughout the organization. Pre-defined processes send information to the right department and the right person, enabling agents to track requests more efficiently.

Locate Requestors on a Local Map

Through integration with ESRI Geomatics databases, the system allows you to locate the citizen submitting a request, plus relevant field agents, on a map in real time. This helps minimize duplicate tasks, facilitates planning and organizational work.

Manage Work Orders

Create, print, monitor, and process work orders. You can also use the system to manage material, labor, and machine costs, as well as to generate reports on work order costs by request, territory, or other parameters.

Generate Accountability & Service-Level Monitoring

Generate more than 30 report types to measure departmental efficiency and compliance with quality standards, supporting your commitment to accountability.



In today's competitive world of wireless communications, you’re expected to provide full turnkey network services. Now, more than ever, you are required to build, deliver, and operate the entire network.

Pivotal CRM for Telecommunications offers you the ultimate workflow-based project management solution, enabling you to plan, design, build, deliver, and support network infrastructures more efficiently while reducing your operating costs.

Key Features

  • 360-Degree Network Lifecycle Profile
  • Project Management and Planning
  • Milestone and Task Tracking
  • Network Elements (e.g., sites and transmissions) Management
  • Equipment Management
  • Relationship Tracking (suppliers, vendors, government, etc.)
  • Financial Management
  • Co-Location Management (cell towers and equipment)


What can Pivotal CRM for Telecommunications do for you

Obtain a Holistic Network View

A single, unified, 360-degree view of network deployment projects creates a rich resource to help all relevant personnel and business partners complete tasks and create a more responsive environment to meet project demands.

Support Decisions With Better Data

Improve decision-making by supplying management with timely and accurate information.

Control Costs

Reduce deployment time and costs by ensuring swifter and smoother transitions from infrastructure suppliers to network operators.

Effectively Manage Multiple Projects

Equip project managers to monitor and manage the progress of several simultaneous projects to support geographical and phased implementation strategies.

Improve Processes

Streamline and standardize business processes throughout the project lifecycle and network support.

Increase Productivity

Maximize employee efficiency and productivity with intelligent workflows and an advanced, GIS-based user interface.

Unify Your Support Strategy

Establish a centralized and unified support strategy across your organization by eliminating disjointed systems and duplicate data sources.