Our hosted CRM system enables you and your team to manage all your customers, prospects, contacts, tasks, sales opportunities and marketing campaigns in one easy-to-use system.

By running your CRM system on our servers you get full functionality CRM software without the overhead of installing and maintaining anything on your own computers.

Contact Management

Really Simple Account & Contact Management keeps all your customers and prospects in a simple two-tier data structure: Accounts (companies and organisations) and Contacts (people who work there)

  • Record every email, telephone call, support request and meeting as an Activity for that Account, so that you and your colleagues can see every interaction with that organisation.
  • Easily search Accounts and Contacts.
  • Enter and update multiple Contacts at once with one mouse click.
  • Set up Tasks to remind you of outstanding actions against each Account, such as calling them back.
  • Assign Accounts and Tasks to other users with optional email notification.
  • Share information on Accounts with others in your organisation by setting up Sales Groups.
  • Use the default sectors, products, sales stages and other analysis categories or set up your own.
  • Create Custom Fields for your data.
  • Import and Export data from csv files and from Microsoft Outlook.
  • Download a complete local copy of your data in whenever you want.
  • Simple but powerful Listing Report Writer comes with pre-written standard reports and allows you to create your own reports, all from one page.
  • Download any report into Excel at the click of a button.
  • Create mailing lists to send mail merged letters or emails.
  • Interfaces to the email client of your choice, including Outlook, Google Mail, Mac Mail.
  • Clear screens with no confusing icons allows even the occasional user to use the system without training.

Opportunity Management

Really Simple Opportunity Management tracks all your potential and closed deals, allowing you to prioritise sales effort and giving you visibility of you and your teams’ sales pipelines

  • Create multiple Opportunities within each Account.
  • Record historic won & lost Opportunities.
  • Break each Opportunity down into product or service lines.
  • Track Opportunities through your sales stages.
  • Forecast your revenue using an easy-to-use dedicated sales forecast report writer.
  • Forecast values by weighted, unweighted, deal count, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually.
  • Roll up Forecasts from individuals, to sales groups, to your whole organisation.
  • Download Forecasts into Excel with just one click.
  • Report sales by source, product line, sales person, sales group.
  • Win/Loss reporting
  • New Business/Repeat Business reporting
  • Dashboard on home page shows real time overview of sales, pipeline and sales funnel.


Campaign Management

Really Simple Marketing allows you to measure performance of all your marketing campaigns, includes integrated mass emailing and allows you to interface your web site to your CRM system for lead capture

  • Track leads from initial enquiry through to final close
  • Create, run and monitor multi-stage marketing campaigns
  • Can handle any type of campaign including telemarketing, emailing, newsletters, direct mail, Adwords
  • Campaign Overview shows members, leads, opportunities and sales for each Campaign with cost/lead, cost/opportunity, cost/sale
  • Campaigns can have one or multiple stages such as Mail, Email, Call and each stage can have its own responses
  • Contacts can be members of multiple Campaigns
  • Campaign Stages can be phased to provide smooth lead generation
  • Members in a Campaign can be selected from the existing CRM database, or imported from a list, or both
  • Assign leads to sales people or teams and track results
  • Performance and ROI Reporting

Personalised Emailing

  • Send personalised emails in plain text or HTML
  • Real time capture and reporting of opens, click-throughs and unsubscribes from mailings
  • Automatic bounce handling
  • Phase email campaigns in batches to spread responses and avoid spam filters
  • No need to export data to a third party mailer or import results
  • Can send Attachments as well

Integrate with your Web Site

  • Capture leads directly from forms on your web site using Web Transactions
  • Create Accounts and Contacts automatically
  • Automatically create and assign Tasks for following up
  • Automatically add new inquiries to Campaigns
  • Record additional data such as search engine search terms
  • Set up multiple WebTransaction Types to handle different types of request


Customer Service and Support

 Customer Service & Support uses Case Management to track support and service requests and escalate them to meet target service levels

  • Full Case Management tracks the progress of each Case from open to close
  • Uses a simple traffic light metaphor to show case status: green, amber and red
  • See all the activities associated with a case on one simple page
  • Opening, assigning, closing and reopening activities are automatically recorded
  • Customers can be assigned SLAs (Service Level Agreement) and each SLA can have multiple
    priorities with different target response times
  • SLAs can define case ranking
  • Manager dashboard quickly shows total number of open cases, and cases and staff that need attention
  • Support staff dashboard shows news cases, cases that are in danger and ranks open cases
  • Cases are automatically ranked for easy prioritisation
  • Identify and reassign problem cases
  • Report on closed cases to gain useful statistics and insights
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  • Address: St Peter Square, Waterford Place, (off Witkoppen Road), Paulshof, 2128