Online accounting functions for business

The age of legacy, overly complex and expensive to maintain client server business applications is passing by. Bandwidth, wireless, on-demand and other technologies are key and are now fully exploited by us.

Customers need and want something different and we give them something different - real value. With Aqilla, that is what they get:

  • Zero Deployment - If users have access to a Web browser, they can access the Aqilla online accounting system.
  • Highly Scalable - Highly Scalable - Aqilla runs in a state-of-the-art datacentre and offers effectively unlmiited capacity, with virtualization, clustering and fail-over.
  • Access Anywhere, Anytime or "On Demand" - Because there is no accounting software loaded on the client device and the inherent low bandwidth requirements of a browser based solution, it is possible to access the Aqilla online accounting system anywhere in the world.
  • Extranet - Provided that sufficient access controls are put in place, it is possible to give an organisation’s partners access to parts of the system providing more responsive levels of self-service.
  • Interoperability - Through the use of Web Services, functionality and data may be exposed to, or retrieved from, external systems in a simple and open manner.
  • Accounting Freedom - developed using proven value for money open source technologies that do not restrict a customer’s choice either now or in the future.
Reasons why On premise Accounting users should change to Cloud Accounting

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