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Infor has helped some of the world's most successful hotels and resorts streamline processes for accessing and analysing financial data so they make better business decisions.


With Infor FMS SunSystems for Hospitality, you'll get financial management capabilities designed specifically for hotels and other hospitality companies. You'll consolidate all your financial data into a single system with an open architecture.

You'll see easy interoperability with your other software solutions, as well as integrated security and an intuitive, easy-to-learn tool set. You will get:

Accounting tailored to the hotel industry- Get predefined charts of accounts that adhere to hospitality standards, including the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry (USALI).


Analysis capabilities for the hotel industry- Use predefined analysis features with hotel-industry departmental structures and management reporting lines. The general ledger includes an enhanced analysis structure.


Reporting tailored to your users- Rapidly design and deliver operational and management reports using data from a single source to address key hotel performance indicators and government regulations. Quickly create professional-looking reports, including multilayered reports to meet the requirements of hotel owners, franchise operators, managers, and staff. Generate alerts so your employees can address urgent matters immediately.

Flexible and fast deployment- Optionally deploy Infor FMS SunSystems for Hospitality at your location, in the cloud, or a combination of the two. Regardless of your deployment, get the same user experience, functionality, reporting, security, and administration so you won't have to accept any tradeoffs.

Easy integration with other systems- Get built-in interfaces with other critical hotel systems including point-of-sale and performance management systems.


A solution designed to scale and adapt- With a design to easily adapt to the fast rate of change in the hospitality industry and your business, use the solution to meet the needs of a single property or scale it to support the financial management of a global operation with multiple properties in multiple geographies with different languages and currencies.



Infor™ SunSystems for Insurance integrates general ledger, accounts payable, fixed assets, and other financial processes with operational systems such as claims and policy management. This integration is vital for such processes as expense management of a global workforce.


You can count on Infor SunSystems for Insurance to help you manage all the financial processes for each of your business units, no matter how disparate in geography or function. Your users in different parts of your company can access a shared database in accordance with their profile—and get the information they need in real time.


Oil and Gas

As the financial managers for oil and gas enterprises know, accounting is not an easy task when you view the world as a single market. You must manage a vast number of local variations in language, currency, and standards for doing business, staying consistent while you track purchases through the complexities of a joint venture exploration project. Your reporting and analysis requirements are daunting, too.


You can count on Infor SunSystems for Oil & Gas to help you manage all the financial processes for each of your business units, no matter how disparate in geography or function. You can configure the system for different types of businesses, such as for joint venture (JV) accounting, enabling you to capture authority for expenditure (AFE) codes for both actual and budget figures.


You can custom-tailor the screens to suit your needs. Using readily available tabs, you can quickly access any area of the system, such as corporate allocations and fixed assets. The system also guides you through business processes. You can conveniently group functions into a list of quickly accessible favorites by simply adding the function from the master list.


Alternatively, you can access your daily functions through the drop-down menu, or easily find any function using the simple search facility. Just start typing a phrase, and the system will display all functions with that phrase in the name.