Inforce leverages the flexibility of and the development platform with the power of Infor's ERP and financial applications and combines them into a unified enterprise solution spanning the entire customer lifecycle. Inforce is a new application that provides integration and functionality enabling the sharing of information and business processes between Infor and Salesforce solutions.

What is it?

Inforce is an Infor-developed native solution that joins Infor's back-office with Salesforce. The new Inforce functionality reveals critical back-office customer information in Salesforce while supporting shared business processes between the front and back-office. Infor ION is the key to seamless connectivity between Infor ERP and financial solutions, Inforce, Salesforce and any other ION-enabled application.

What it does?

Inforce connects Salesforce with Infor ERP and financial solutions to enhance the power of both products by allowing them to share information and leverage common processes. Inforce extends the Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud functionality by incorporating information and processes that are managed by the back office. When you're working with the combined Inforce and Salesforce solution, you get an enhanced Customer Profile that includes back-office information including customer credit limit, accounts receivable status, multiple site addresses (bill-to, ship-to, pay from), contacts, quotes, orders, shipments, invoices, payments, and returns.

The combined solution delivers a robust 360-degree view of the customer in Salesforce and the coordination of common business processes between the front and back office. The result is support for your operational goals of improved sales and service effectiveness that can be measured by better win rates, larger deals, more frequent cross and up-sell, customer satisfaction and retention, and the ultimate goal of improved profits.


What it means?

Inforce delivers new functionality in Salesforce specifically for the Infor ERP and financials customer. Infor ION-enabled integration drives down the cost and risk of bringing together your back and front-office systems. Inforce functionality reveals back-office customer information in Salesforce and also supports synchronisation of common business processes. The result is total solution that spans the customer lifecycle by combining the power Infor and Salesforce—and a roadmap of new capabilities that are Infor customer-driven.


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