Cold storage facilities
Ensure that perishable food items are always maintained at the proper temperatures and environmental conditions with the early detection and monitoring devices offered by SMART. Our technology is ideal for guaranteeing that cold storage facilities such as restaurant freezers, walk-in refrigerators and food warmers are always maintained at ideal conditions. In the event of a change, whether a freezer door was left open or a power outage occurred, early detection programs make sure the right parties know about the shift immediately in order to take action and prevent having to throw out inventory.

If they do not maintain the right conditions for storing perishable items, food service providers risk the quality of their service, the health of customers and financial losses from lost inventory and customer dissatisfaction.
Automated Temperature Management
Cold storage management of temperatures can be a costly and time-intensive requirement with staff required to be dedicated to the recording and manually monitoring cold storage area temperatures.

Our solution will record the temperature of any coolroom or freezer room at regular intervals and automatically create a history record that can be presented when you receive your safety compliance audit. The coolrooms and freezers can be located across a large storage site or even linked together with remote and interstate sites.

No more manually checking cold store areas!
Protect your Business
Each wireless temperature sensor can be easily programmed to send individually customized alerts via alarm, email or SMS if the temperature exceed your pre-set minimum and maximum temperature ranges. A cloud based real-time monitoring interface is also included where you can visually watch from one up to 100 temperature sensors per Gateway at once for status, history and pre-sets.

This solution can even combine remotely located cold storages either in other facilities or interstate into the one system giving complete visibility both from your office and via mobile phone.

The SMART Cold Storage temperature monitoring solution is simple and all inclusive and no software installation is required, just internet access.

We place each wireless Gateway within 100 meters of your cold storage areas connected to the mains power, up to 100 wireless temperature sensors can be placed into any type of refrigerator per Gateway, it's that simple. Multiple Gateways can be slaved together via your network making the number of sensors possible endless.