Web Based Wireless Solutions For Healthcare
SMART Systems, supplies and installs fully validated and compliant web-based, wireless environmental monitoring and recording systems for Medical, Bio-medical, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Healthcare, Hospitals, Blood Banks, Plasma Centers and Research facilities.

Web-based and future-proof, SMART’s wireless temperature monitoring systems deliver unparalleled accuracy, regulatory compliance and rock-solid audit trails to their global customers with no hidden software upgrade or validation costs. And using web-based technology, electronic records are securely accessible 24/7 anywhere in the world on any device able to support a web-browser.
Hospitals and healthcare
The Healthcare industry has unique requirements in cold storage management. Medicine and Drug fridges requiring regular temperature monitoring checks, every day and comprehensive documentation. This is the most critical industry for temperature management SMART has the perfect solution that will deliver unsurpassed wireless temperature management and safety alerts when temperatures exceed the pre-set variances.

SMART's wireless thermostats are designed to be used in every facet of hospital operation. Whether it is OR, ER, Pharmacy, Lab, Blood Bank, Nursing Unit or Food Nutrition. SMART Healthcare temperature monitoring solutions will maintain the compliance records you need and protect the products and environments that assure your patient safety.

The SMART wireless temperature monitoring solutions are perfect in this situation. This system will automatically record the temperatures of any refrigerators and cold food displays at regular intervals and automatically create a history record that can be given as and when you receive any food safety compliance audit.

The SMART Healthcare temperature monitoring solution is simple and all inclusive and no software installation is required, just internet access.