Protect your pharmaceutical stock in real-time
Don’t risk your business profitability and reputation by failing to adequately protect and monitor the temperature of your medical goods storage. We have the perfect Pharmaceutical temperature monitoring and management solutions, fully automated for real-time drugs and medicine temperature protection monitoring.

24/7 Temperature Management of your Medical Stock
With real-time temperature monitoring 24 hours a day 7 days a week you can rest easy about the heath of your stock. SMART will protect your inventory by alerting you via email, SMS or audible alarm if any of your stock is at risk.

Automated Safety Compliance
Our solutions will generate a complete record of your temperature history in a format that is safety reporting compliant. No more paperwork! No more recording of temperatures in Pharmaceutical refrigerated areas - it is all done for you.

Automated Pharmaceutical Temperature Management
SMART takes all the work out of safety compliance and duty of care by managing your highly perishable pharmaceutical stock for you. All this for a small up front investment and low monthly access fees