A modern BI platform that grows with your business

Qlik offers far more that just an analytics application. We provide a platform your organisation can use to fully leverage the power of analytics. As a result of this platform-based approach, you'll have access to:

  • A Enterprise-grade BI solution: Custom and  pre-built apps, guided analytics and self service discovery and visualisations available across all devices so decision-makers have the analysis they need,  wherever they are
  • An Innovative association engine: Freely analyse even the largest data sets without predefined hierarchies, revealing hidden insights other solutions miss.
  • A confidence-building model of data governance: Qlik unifies your data,  creating a single source of consistent,  reliable truth that all your stakeholders trust to analyse,  collaborate and act on.

Trust and Agility, built in

Confidence is essential. The best analytics in the world can’t help your organization if you can’t trust your data. And with confidence in your data quality, you can move ever quicker toward the answers that’ll drive your business ahead.That’s why with Qlik®, you get a full range of data quality, security, and governance capabilities, including:

  • Shared, reusable libraries of dimensions, measures, and visualizations – so you never have to worry if your data is reliable

  • Governed streams of content that bring all your business units together to collaborate and share

  • Rule-based security that lets you create access profiles – so there’s no question where your analytics come from and who can change them

  • Dynamic data reduction that secures and establishes permissions down to the row and column level

  • Centralized management – so IT can manage and safely scale Qlik to many thousands of users