Zap Business Intelligence software provides proactive intelligence to drive your business and gain a competitive advantage. Zap Business Intelligence is a single, web-based BI solution to meet your business intelligence needs – dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs), scorecards, reports, ad-hoc analysis, alerts, and report scheduling.


Zap's solution provides a "buy, not build" approach to Business Intelligence to ensure a rapid return on investment that includes hundreds of pre-packaged analytics out of the box. Everything an organisation needs to get up and running immediately - a wizard to automatically identify customisations and create the back end for fast deployment, a web-based interface and a comprehensive functionality that covers all reporting and analysis - is provided in one solution.


Solution Highlights

A single, complete solution

Unlike many alternatives, Zap Business Intelligence is a single, integrated solution to meet all your BI needs. Whether your management accountant is completing end of month financial reports, or your operations manager is modeling alternative price points, they use the same solution. You only maintain and train one application – which ensures a low total cost of ownership and maximum productivity.

Powerful BI capabilities that make a difference to the bottom line

Zap Business Intelligence gives you all the standard capabilities your users expect, including reports, ad-hoc analysis, scorecards, dashboards, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It also includes advanced capabilities that have a high impact on operational effectiveness and bottom line profitability – such as automated management reporting, alerts, report scheduling, and what-if analysis. Business users are empowered to create their own analytics, while power users appreciate the simplicity and flexibility in creating complex analytics and automating workflows.

So user friendly it becomes the heartbeat of your organisation

Our aim is to make Zap Business Intelligence the heartbeat of your organisation – the mission critical system used by your business leaders every day to manage more effectively. Business leaders demand pragmatic usability combined with the flexibility to fit the solution to their individual needs – and Zap Business Intelligence delivers. Users never touch code or rely on developers to create analytics.



Proactive intelligence provides an early warning system

It's a fact – we're all time pressured, we don't have time to manually review data to see what's happening and what's changed. Zap Business Intelligence automates discovery and learning, so issues are highlighted the moment they occur. Alerts are pushed to the relevant employees – and combined with contextual reports showing the cause of performance changes. Reports can be scheduled, distributed, and subscribed to, based on a combination of events and timeframes. Reports can even be shared from Zap outside the company network (for example, to customers).

Extreme flexibility to adapt the solution to your needs

Zap Business Intelligence gives you unprecedented flexibility to truly make the solution your own. Give users the choice of viewing analytics via Outlook® or exporting to Excel®, or integrate with your SharePoint® deployment. Deploy Zap Business Intelligence to your intranet, extranet, make it available to iPad users, and extend the solution to other business systems to create a single, company-wide analytics portal.

Rapid set up and maintenance

If you have an SQL Server® data source as part of your BI project, Zap CubeXpress is a unique productivity tool that will fast-track your deployment. This patent-pending tool automatically identifies tables, relationships, and data usage, to provide an optimised meaningful cube you can use immediately.

Minimal technical resources required = low TCO and rapid ROI

You'll need minimal technical resources to deploy, train, and maintain Zap Business Intelligence, leading to a low total cost of ownership and a rapid return on investment. Our wizard-driven application fast-tracks the solution setup; the web interface for end users means you can deploy rapidly with no software installation; packaged analytics provide meaningful content from day one; and usability removes the complexities, time and resources required to create custom analytics and ensure user adoption. The solution is built using 100% Microsoft technology, which minimizes any need for specialist technical resources.