The Experlogix Product Configurator empowers your sales team to quickly customise complex quotes and orders with 100 percent accuracy, leading to dramatic gains in revenue and profitability. With unique capabilities such as guided selling, rapid line-item creation and automated bill-of-material generation, Experlogix gives you the tools you need to maximise your quote-to-order and manufacturing performance.


Simplfy Quotes and Orders

With Experlogix, you can quickly configure custom products and services that meet your customer’s unique needs. Rules can be based on product type, geography, customer name/type, industry, deal size and more.


Real-Time Selection validation

Experlogix Configurator immediately verifies the accuracy of each user entry, providing intelligent feedback via easy to understand pop-up messages and color-coded highlights. Our powerful compatibility engine can handle virtually any configuration scenario imaginable.


Improve Manufacturing Productivity

Experlogix combines with Dynamics CRM and ERP to form a powerful engineering and product management system, automating bill-of-materials, cost and routing determinations, and enabling dramatic cuts in manufacturing lead times.


Define Stock Configurations and Kits

Streamline the quote and order entry process for your product lines with pre-built configurations and best practices. Use automatic up-sell and cross-sell messaging to increase your bottom line and profits.


Build Rules and Formulas Fast

The Experlogix Design Centre is a user-friendly workbench which allows non-technical users to create and maintain complex rules and sophisticated algebraic formulas – all without programming expertise.

Proven Technology - Trusted Partner

By streamlining sales professionals’ quote and order processes, Experlogix helps organisations close more deals faster. Experlogix is used by hundreds of companies globally and is recommended by Microsoft and its partners worldwide.