MSCRM Add-Ons has a range of Add-Ons that enhance Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Add-Ons Include:



DocumentsCorePack provides the possibility to create documents (Doc, DocX, PDF,…)with data from CRM and to manage them in a structured and comfortable way. The addon is capable of resolving any relationship and works with standard, as well as custom entities. Therefore, it is a useful tool to create and manage for example quotes, invoices and other complex documents.



TelephoneIntegration connects your phone system (TAPI, Skype, OCS, Lync) with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The addon offers a "Click-to-Dial"-functionality for outgoing calls. Incoming calls will be recognized and details of the caller are displayed within the user interface, a pop-up window called balloon. The balloon provides various functionalities to enable a simpler and more efficient call handling.



Creating documents based on CRM data has never been easier. Based on MS Word-templates, the Server-side document generation provides you with a set of tools to create and process documents inside CRM.



The GroupCalendar provides the possibility to display activities from multiple users, teams and resources. It supports several views with the option to define user-specific settings to meet individual requirements. Furthermore, the GroupCalendar enables users to easily reschedule activities via a drag-and-drop functionality.



ActivityTools has been developed to simplify the CRM-internal handling of activities and emails by providing Microsoft Outlook-like visualization options and additional email-related functionalities (e.g. the possibility to generate email signatures and the possibility to change the default sender).



The addon provides a powerful search routine as it allows a quick and easy search across several entities and multiple fields. It helps to simplify the use of CRM by providing one page where all records can be found and favorites can easily be accessed.



This service-based tool allows to move attachments from within CRM to either a SharePoint location or a fileshare. Therefore, it helps to save precious database space in CRM. Furthermore, the addon enables various indexing & search options via SharePoint and the Microsoft Search Server functionality.



RecordCounter provides an overview of the number of records related to standard and custom MS CRM entities. The Add-On helps you to save time in daily business processes due to showing the number of related records already within the entity’s general view.

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