Be more efficient, hold less stock and make more sales
You can now manage your stock without implementing additional time consuming and costly systems. Do it the easy way, the internet way, with NETSTOCK™. We use the latest advances in technology and the internet to provide an easy to use, easy to deploy and affordable inventory management solution for your business.
An Inventory Health Check, every day
Get all the benefits of an inventory health check, every day. Focusing daily on the exceptions enables you to embark on a journey of continuous improvement.
Planner Dashboard
Our dashboard identifies exceptions to help you avoid stock-outs or surplus inventory. KPI’s track performance and focus attention on what will make a difference.
Early Warning
Early warning of stock-outs, potential stock-outs or surplus orders allows for intervention which will improve customer service and inventory turns.
Optimal Ordering
Our ordering schedule details the items that you need in just the right quantity - not too much or too little. These optimal orders will increase fill rate and reduce inventory.
Forecasts directly impact replenishment planning, financial commitments and fill rate. Improve your forecasts using our advanced algorithms and processes.
Simulation provides "what if" modelling, allowing you to flex the implications of changes in lead times, replenishment cycles, forecasts, order quantities, safety stock and target fill.
Optimal Investment
NETSTOCK™ resolves the optimal investment required to achieve your target fill and implements this by computing re-order triggers and order-up-to quantities for each product.
Balanced Stock
NETSTOCK™ automatically re-balances your inventory by ensuring that every replenishment recommendation allocates investment to where it is most needed to improve fill.
Safety Stock
By continuously monitoring all the risks inherent in your inventory, we set optimal safety stocks to mitigate those risks whilst delivering your dialed in target availability.
Alerts and Emails
Be more productive with SMS and email warning of items requiring attention. Use our dashboard to focus your efforts on the most appropriate items.
Interactive reports are available to help manage, replenish and optimise your inventory. Simple extraction to spreadsheets allows you to perform further analysis.
Data Accuracy
NETSTOCK™ will assist you to identify anomalies in your data and missing information so that both NETSTOCK™ and your host system perform optimally.