Version One’s document management and imaging software enables automatic document scanning, recognition, storage, archiving, retrieval and delivery of all your business documents directly from your accounting/ERP system. Document management software or paperless office technology, replaces paper–based processes with electronic procedures, eliminating the printing, posting and manual filing of paper documents.

With seamless integration into all major Accounting and ERP systems our document management and imaging solutions will drive significant cost savings across your organisation. With a typical ROI of less than six months, our software is used by thousands of organisations in both the public and private sectors worldwide.

Document management software not only cuts paper, making good environmental sense, it also makes good business sense, forming a convincing proposition for any type of organisation

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Document Management and Imaging Solution

Version One's 'paperless office' document management and document imaging software has become an integral part of many Enterprise accounting systems. Seamlessly integrated into all the major accounting and ERP systems, the enterprise-wide system enables the electronic storage, retrieval, management, enhancement and delivery of millions of business documents to be effected electronically. For a relatively small investment, Version One adds substantial value and powerful functionality to existing accounting software.

This software enables thousands of Finance Directors, Accountants and Financial Controllers within commercial organisations - including many blue chips - together with NHS, Local Authorities and other government bodies, to dramatically reduce paper consumption and operating costs whilst achieving substantial efficiency savings. Within the NHS, this public money saved can be re-directed towards patient care.

Many organisations today are maximising their return from prior IT investments, including Accounting and Finance systems, with high value-add bolt-on components. Of all the add-on modules that customers can purchase, document management and document imaging has one of the fastest returns-on-investment.


Document Imaging and Archiving

Documents are increasingly becoming a valuable corporate resource because of the role they play in key business processes. Documents are integral to simplifying work processes, vital links within and between value chains and business processes. An efficient document management and document imaging system not only offers a real step towards the holy grail of the paperless office - it also delivers much greater control, reduced costs and better customer service.


Purchase Invoice Automation

Version One's technology can streamline your purchase invoice processes and eliminate the need for time-consuming and error-prone paper-based accounts payable methods. One of the most protracted and costly processes within any organisation, is the manual processing of purchase invoices. Inputting purchase invoice data into the accounting system, validating the data, authorising the invoice and then archiving a copy invoice are all extremely time-consuming when done manually.


Automated Payments

Our secure cheque printing solution and BACS-iP payments system can increase your cash flow, reduce administrative and labour costs and improve security. Our secure cheque printing solution consists of an output management system and a specially adapted laser printer with additional security features. Our BACS-iP is a highly secure electronic funds transfer solution for the payment and collection of funds.


PoD (Proof of Delivery) Scanning and Retrieval

Version One's electronic document management software can be used to archive and retrieve all manner of business documents, and an area where this is of particular benefit to numerous organisations, is in the archiving of Proof of Delivery documents. For some organisations, claims for non-delivery may be made on a regular basis, which can be a huge administrative problem. However, these issues can now be quickly and efficiently resolved, because users of the Version One software now have instant documentary proof of the signed PoD


Purchase Order Approval

DbAuthorise is Version One's document authorisation module, which enables the entire approval process to be streamlined. Simplifying the document approval process reduces administration costs and errors. The reduction in paper chasing combined with a fully comprehensive audit trail, enables an increase in productivity, reductions in costs, improved company image and a fast return on investment.


Automated Electronic Document Delivery

Version One's solutions enables business users to reduce document production costs and document delivery times by up to 80% by creating and delivering all business documents electronically.


Output Management

Version One's DbForm enables the electronic design of business documents, thereby enhancing the default output from ERP and accounting systems. DbForm, which is invisible to the end-user, is extremely flexible and functionally rich, enabling all manner of documents to be created directly from the desktop. DbForm is used as the core of many Version One document management software solutions, not only for enhanced printing but also for automated emailing, faxing and archiving.


Secure Cheque Printing

The secure cheque printing solution consists of an output management system and a specially adapted laser printer with additional security features. The printer uses MICR toner so that even the magnetic numbering on the cheques can be added at print time. The cheque stationery can be produced to your precise specifications, by a specialist cheque printing company.


XML Support for Legacy Systems

With the rapid growth of e-Procurement systems, on-line catalogues and marketplaces, XML is fast becoming the standard for e-business. Many business software systems now offer in-built support for XML orders and invoices. However, e-business only works where both parties to a transaction can support it. Using the latest technologies, Version One can turn spooled textual output from legacy systems without standard XML functionality, into XML documents which can be transmitted electronically or which can be attached to emails.


OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) and barcode printing

The Version One LaserForms printing solution also provides many other advantages, such as using bar codes for document recognition, OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) for using Pitney Bowes type mailing machines and much more. The system ensures optimal levels of security are in place for the processing and producing of corporate documents throughout the entire organisation.


Export Documentation

The Version One export documentation solution is based on the acclaimed DbForm output system. As well as producing custom export documentation on plain paper using laser printers, the system offers sophisticated output handling to route documents to the correct printer and paper tray automatically - dramatically cutting down on time spent changing the paper in printers and handling and collating/decollating documents.


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