Many companies use paper-based or spreadsheet-based systems for the recording, and authorising of employees’ expenses. These ‘systems’ provide no means for the monitoring of expense form workflow, enforce no constraints on data entry, provide no feedback on authorisation and reimbursement, and provide no means for the automatic update of related systems, such as accounting or HR systems.

expense@work simplifies and automates the management of expenses, providing:

  • Multiple configurable expense form types enabling single or multi-currency expense entry, mileage, and other expense types (and including requests for currency advances)
  • Configurable tax calculations
  • Automated workflow, with up to 11 optional authorisation stages (usually by a line manager) and up to 11 review stages (usually by an accountant) for an expense form, allowing full or partial commented return to an employee. Employee notification and reminder by email.
  • Automated backup and alternative employee processing to deal with employee absence
  • Optional approval processes for specified types of transactions (for example, for expenses of a certain type in excess of a specified figure)
  • Full audit trail and reporting on expense forms in progress
  • Configurable analysis in more than 100 dimensions (for example, by Employee Department, Employee Grade, Employee Location, Expense Type, Cost Centre, Project, and many more)
  • Configurable reporting and report publishing using Crystal Reports
  • Statement Import, enabling the presentation of a credit card statement (or other ‘account’ statement) as an expense form for completion by an employee, who will assign cost centres, expense types, etc.
  • Automatic assigning of account codes to expense items, enabling the export of approved expenses and import into any accounting system, or HR system.
  • Optional multi company set up, enabling the calculation of expense cross charges if required, and fully compliant with requirements for multiple charts of accounts, and differing base currencies
  • Multi language presentation, using fully UNICODE compliant technologies
  • Optional self-service update of employee details through the browser based expense@work portal


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