Become a digital Hero with DocuSign

Become a digital Hero with DocuSign

Accelerate your Organisation’s Digital Transformation

Author: Mark Eating/Thursday, April 13, 2017/Categories: Document Management, DocuSign, Digital Transaction Manager

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Business Success depends on going digital.

Digital transformation is one of the hottest topics in business today. And for good reason.

Numerous studies confirm the benefits of going digital. In one such study, Capgemini Consulting notes that on average digital leaders are 26% more profitable, generate 9% more revenue, and have 12% higher market valuations than their industry peers.

While organisations have invested heavily to automate different aspects of their organisation, the one area most have yet to digitise is agreement processes. When completing agreements with customers, partners, suppliers, and employees, businesses often resort to inefficient or disconnected paper based processes. Not only is this cumbersome and inefficient, but it provides a poor user experience. And since agreements are used in nearly every area of the business, digitising them can provide enormous benefit.

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Don’t get left in the digital dust.
According to the latest research, consumers across every sector of the economy expect to do business digitally. So, what can your business do to keep up with the pace of change and meet the needs of the market? 

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