When service delivery falls short

What happens when reality does not live up to expectations

Dissatisfaction over poor delivery or lack of basic municipal services such as clean running water, electricity, garbage removal, road repairs…sound familiar?

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Universities Improve the Value of Higher Education with eSignatures

While the price tag of higher education has escalated in the last 30 years, its impact on earnings has also gained significance. Furthermore, with tuition inflating even faster than healthcare costs, family incomes cannot keep up. Higher education therefore becomes unaffordable for many students.
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Workflow enabled processes with NavFlow for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

NavFlow for Microsoft Dynamics NAV from AdvanceNet is a valuable and logical solution for any company utilizing Microsoft Dynamics NAV, giving organisations workflow enabled processes to automate and control activities not handled by Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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How to Squeeze Savings from the Most Fragmented 20% of Spend

You work hard to manage your core areas of spend because that’s where the numbers are largest and savings are more quickly won. But are you taking advantage of the savings that can easily be squeezed from the tail-end of your spend? Tail-spend is often overlooked, but typically accounts for 80% of the supplier base and invoice volume. By proactively addressing this area, Procurement and Finance can deliver significant cost savings and efficiency gains.
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How your organisation can overcome the common Pitfalls in Business Intelligence (BI) Implementation Projects

One of the crucial contributing factors in the overall success or failure of BI platforms achieving their desired objectives is ensuring a successful and well managed implementation. A recent survey by the National Computing Centre showed that nearly a quarter of all BI projects intended to improve management decision making and improve performance are going over estimated budgets and timeframes. Organizations have often been guilty of jumping into traditional BI implementations before fully considering alternative approaches that can be more cost effective and less time consuming.

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