About AdvanceNet

Started in 1987, AdvanceNet has developed into a mature, multi-faceted company offering sophisticated business solutions throughout Africa. AdvanceNet continues to be a leader in the market by focusing on brand alignment, client service and partner relationships.

AdvanceNet’s investment in people, Intellectual property and best of breed brands is the key differential embedded in “value beyond technology”.

This ability to deliver measurable business value is what makes AdvanceNet’s offering more than simply a comprehensive suite of excellent software, hardware and network infrastructure products.

Our Core Business Solutions include:

AdvanceNet developed solutions for clients in over 30 African countries in industries as diverse as mining, financial services, telecommunications, logistics and government. Our understanding of this environment has enabled us to develop solutions applicable to the markets within which our clients operate.

Please email us if you would like AdvanceNet Africa to contact you in your country.